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Samantha Bradley is an artist and small business owner based out of Northern Virginia. Moving around while growing up has influenced her creative process, producing a life cycle for her work. Working with the natural world, she creates in order to process and understand her life experiences. 


USPS Art Project | Pelham Art Center | Pelham, NY, 2020


Restore & Rejoice | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2021

Trials and Tribulations | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2021 | Category Winner

What is Peace? | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2020​​​

Glimpse into the Past | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2020 | Category Winner

Seasons | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2019

Home: A Journey to the Heart | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2019

Around the World | WJU | Rocklin, CA, 2018

To Be a Woman, 2021
Samantha Bradley_To Be a Woman1.jpg
IMG_3642 2_edited.jpg
a creative's devotional, 2021
Tethered, 2020
This Hell Hole
This Hell Hole, 2020-21
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