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My work is experiential in nature, prompted by circumstances which cause me to respond internally. I explore the cyclical quality of the world- how patterns and cycles occur through my everyday circumstances. Using natural materials, I build sculptures from found tree branches, twine, natural plaster, and wool yarn, as well as man made materials like glue and acrylic paints for details and definition. Using fallen sticks, I create to give a second life in a redemptive nature. My hands create an intuitive art, most times not understanding why I create until it’s made. 

The goal of my creating is to understand my own life circumstances rather than to persuade viewers. My work is meant to influence people to think internally on their own human experience. But my goal is to get out of me what I am meant to create. I was created to create and to come alongside the ultimate Creator to join the community of artists and designers that are reflecting the truth of Christ. 


Life circumstances are not mutually exclusive- they interact and influence one another to intertwine and make the life I am living. My creative process includes internal and external processing. Many works have started from the occurrence of a dream, which in turn I go and make the sculpture that was pictured in my mind. Other times, my work comes from my hands, my brain not understanding what I am creating until it has been made. Much of the work is discussed during the process of creating, in which I gather knowledge and insight from other viewers of the work.

Creative Process.

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