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This Hell Hole, destroyed

5.6' x 9.45'
Sticks, yarn, glue, cardboard, acrylic paint, foam

This sculpture has seen a life cycle- it started as a colorful tree stump, but got put on hold when the world went into a pandemic. I wanted to give up on the sculpture, but continued it when school was back in session. The design changed after having lived through the pandemic and the circumstances that ensued. The sculpture took on a darker persona. While being built, it got knocked over three times within two weeks. Finally when it was finished, I lit the sculpture on fire, to burn and leave behind the anger and discomfort of the past.

This Hell Hole.jpg

Photo Credit: Bryce Alley


Sculpture destroyed by someone else mid build.


Sculpture being destroyed by flames.

Photo Credit: Bryce Alley


Transportation to burning site.


Original build. 

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